The psycopg3 project

psycopg3 is the new implementation of the most used, reliable and feature-rich PostgreSQL adapter for Python.


A familiar DBAPI interface or an asyncio-based interface


Asynchronous communication with both Python and the database


Rich and flexible adaptation system, optionally using binary format for efficient data transfer


High performance data loading using COPY directly from Python objects

psycopg3 design emerges from the experience of more than 10 years of development and support of psycopg2. It embraces the new possibilities offered by the more modern generations of the Python language and the PostgreSQL database and addresses the challenges offered by the current patterns in software development and deployment.

Project funding

psycopg3 is currently under active development: it started as a part-time project around mid 2020, and has become a full-time project in October of the same year. A few project milestones have been documented in a series of blog articles.

Part of the project has already been written, but now the code needs to grow. There are several features needed to create a more seamless interaction between the database and the language.

Funding this project would enable full-time work and a first release in just a few months. So if you are interested in sponsoring the development of psycopg3 then you are encouraged to contribute.

All and any kind of support is gratefully received and very much appreciated.