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Psycopg 3.0 beta 1 released!

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on 2021-08-30
Tagged as news, release

We are immensely proud to release on PyPI the first beta package of Psycopg 3!


Building a Django driver for Psycopg 3

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on 2021-08-02
Tagged as psycopg3, development, recipe

One of the goals of the Psycopg 3 project is to make easy to port code developed from Psycopg 2. For this reason the creation of a Django backend (the module you specify in the settings as your database ENGINE) was a project with a double goal:

  • A Django driver is a way to make Psycopg 3 useful from the start, with the possibility of dropping it in a project transparently and have available, when needed the new features offered (for instance the superior COPY support).
  • The difficulty of introducing Psycopg 3 in the Django codebase and the type of changes required are indicative of the type of problems that could be found porting other projects.

...and it's done! A few days ago, the new Psycopg 3 Django backend could pass the entire Django test suite!