Psycopg 2.8.5 released

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on 2020-04-06
Tagged as news, release

Psycopg 2.8.5 has been released.

This release adds support for AIX and brings a few bug fixes.

You can download the files from the new release from PyPI or install it with:

pip install --upgrade psycopg2

The changes included in the release are:

  • Fixed use of connection_factory and cursor_factory together (ticket #1019).
  • Added support for logging.LoggerAdapter in LoggingConnection (ticket #1026).
  • Column objects in cursor.description can be sliced (ticket #1034).
  • Added AIX support (ticket #1061).
  • Fixed copy() of DictCursor rows (ticket #1073).

Happy hacking!