Psycopg 2.6.2 released

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on 2016-07-07
Tagged as news, release

Psycopg 2.6.2 has been released. You can get it from:

This is an interim release, packing together one year of bug fixes, before the release 2.7, intended to deliver several new features. Thank you very much to everybody contributing with reports, code, suggestions.

  • Fixed inconsistent state in externally closed connections (ticket #263, ticket #311, ticket #443).
  • Report the server response status on errors (such as ticket #281).
  • Raise NotSupportedError on unhandled server response status (ticket #352).
  • Allow overriding string adapter encoding with no connection (ticket #331).
  • The wait_select callback allows interrupting a long-running query in an interactive shell using Ctrl-C (ticket #333).
  • Fixed PersistentConnectionPool on Python 3 (ticket #348).
  • Fixed segfault on repr() of an uninitialized connection (ticket #361).
  • Allow adapting bytes using QuotedString on Python 3 (ticket #365).
  • Added support for setuptools/wheel (ticket #370).
  • Fix build on Windows with Python 3.5, VS 2015 (ticket #380).
  • Fixed errorcodes.lookup initialization thread-safety (ticket #382).
  • Fixed read() exception propagation in copy_from (ticket #412).
  • Fixed possible NULL TZ decref (ticket #424).
  • psycopg2.errorcodes map updated to PostgreSQL 9.5.