Psycopg 2.4.5 released

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on 2012-03-29
Tagged as news, release

Many thanks to everybody that contributed with bug reports and comments to this release!

What's new in psycopg 2.4.5

  • The close() methods on connections and cursors don't raise exceptions if called on already closed objects.
  • Fixed fetchmany() with no argument in cursor subclasses (ticket #84).
  • Use lo_creat() instead of lo_create() when possible for better interaction with pgpool-II (ticket #88).
  • Error and its subclasses are picklable, useful for multiprocessing interaction (ticket #90).
  • Better efficiency and formatting of timezone offset objects thanks to Menno Smits (tickets #94, #95).
  • Fixed rownumber during iteration on cursor subclasses. Regression introduced in 2.4.4 (ticket #100).
  • Added support for inet arrays.
  • Fixed commit() concurrency problem (ticket #103).
  • Codebase cleaned up using the GCC Python plugin's static analysis tool, which has revealed several unchecked return values, possible NULL dereferences, reference counting problems. Many thanks to David Malcolm for the useful tool and the assistance provided using it.