Psycopg 2.4.4 released

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on 2011-12-19
Tagged as news, release

After a short discussion on this list we decided to change the definitions of isolation levels to make sure old code using numeric constants (both psycopg1 and psycopg2) continue to works. Other small fixes are included in the release: see below for details.

What's new in psycopg 2.4.4

  • register_composite() also works with the types implicitly defined after a table row, not only with the ones created by CREATE TYPE.
  • Values for the isolation level symbolic constants restored to what they were before release 2.4.2 to avoid breaking apps using the values instead of the constants.
  • Named DictCursor/RealDictCursor honour itersize (ticket #80).
  • Fixed rollback on error on Zope (ticket #73).
  • Raise DatabaseError instead of Error with empty libpq errors, consistently with other disconnection-related errors: regression introduced in release 2.4.1 (ticket #82).