Psycopg 2.4.3 released

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on 2011-12-12
Tagged as news, release

Mostly a bugfix release, with as usual a couple of small feature added:

Here is what's new in this release:

  • connect() supports all the keyword arguments supported by the database
  • Added new_array_type() function for easy creation of array typecasters.
  • Added support for arrays of hstores and composite types (ticket #66).
  • Fixed segfault in case of transaction started with connection lost (and possibly other events).
  • Fixed adaptation of Decimal type in sub-interpreters, such as in certain mod_wsgi configurations (ticket #52).
  • Rollback connections in transaction or in error before putting them back into a pool. Also discard broken connections (ticket #62).
  • Lazy import of the slow uuid module, thanks to Marko Kreen.
  • Fixed NamedTupleCursor.executemany() (ticket #65).
  • Fixed --static-libpq setup option (ticket #64).
  • Fixed interaction between RealDictCursor and named cursors (ticket #67).
  • Dropped limit on the columns length in COPY operations (ticket #68).
  • Fixed reference leak with arguments referenced more than once in queries (ticket #81).
  • Fixed typecasting of arrays containing consecutive backslashes.
  • errorcodes map updated to PostgreSQL 9.1.