Psycopg 2.4.1 released

Posted by Federico Di Gregorio on 2011-05-11
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Hi *,

Daniele stacked another round of fixes on the devel branch, so it is time for another release. So, as always, kudos to Daniele and here are the direct download links:

Release notes attached, as always. And al always, have fun,


What's new in psycopg 2.4.1

  • Use own parser for bytea output, not requiring anymore the libpq 9.0 to parse the hex format.
  • Don't fail connection if the client encoding is a non-normalized variant. Issue reported by Peter Eisentraut.
  • Correctly detect an empty query sent to the backend (ticket #46).
  • Fixed a SystemError clobbering libpq errors raised without SQLSTATE. Bug vivisectioned by Eric Snow.
  • Fixed interaction between NamedTuple and server-side cursors.
  • Allow to specify --static-libpq on command line instead of just in 'setup.cfg'. Patch provided by Matthew Ryan (ticket #48).