Psycopg 2.4 beta1 released

Posted by Federico Di Gregorio on 2011-02-06
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Hi *,

me and Daniele, we just went through his series of patches (a loooot of patches) and we're ready to release a beta version of the new psycopg. Apart the usual changes and enhancements (detailed below) this is the first version that supports Python 3 (thanks to, guess who? :)

The NEWS excerpt:

New features and changes

  • Added register_composite() function to cast PostgreSQL composite types into Python tuples/namedtuples.
  • More efficient iteration on named cursors.
  • The build script refuses to guess values if pg_config is not found.
  • Connections and cursors are weakly referenceable.
  • Added 'b' and 't' mode to large objects: write can deal with both bytes strings and unicode; read can return either bytes strings or decoded unicode.
  • COPY sends Unicode data to files implementing io.TextIOBase.
  • The build script refuses to guess values if pg_config is not found.
  • Improved PostgreSQL-Python encodings mapping. Added a few missing encodings: EUC_CN, EUC_JIS_2004, ISO885910, ISO885916, LATIN10, SHIFT_JIS_2004.
  • Dropped repeated dictionary lookups with unicode query/parameters.
  • Empty lists correctly roundtrip Python -> PostgreSQL -> Python.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed adaptation of None in composite types (ticket #26). Bug report by Karsten Hilbert.
  • Fixed several reference leaks in less common code paths.
  • Fixed segfault when a large object is closed and its connection no more available.
  • Added missing icon to ZPsycopgDA package, not available in Zope 2.12.9 (ticket #30). Bug report and patch by Pumukel.
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