Psycopg 2.3.0 released

Posted by Federico Di Gregorio on 2010-12-01
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Hi *,

lately my involvment on psycopg has been quite small (work and other projects are taking their toll) but thanks to Daniele (with some help from Jan) here is a new psycopg2 release. The number of changes is big (an excerpt from the NEWS file is at the end, as always) so we decided to bump up the version to 2.3.0 and to test, and test... and test. We tested this new release on Linux and Windows, with Python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and on PostgreSQL from 7.4 to 9.0.

As always, signed download from:

Have fun, federico

And here are the NEWS:

psycopg 2.3 aims to expose some new features introduced in PostgreSQL 9.0.

Main new features

  • dict to hstore adapter and hstore to dict typecaster, using both 9.0 and pre-9.0 syntax.
  • Two-phase commit protocol support as per DBAPI specification.
  • Support for payload in notifications received from the backed.
  • namedtuple-returning cursor.
  • Query execution cancel.

Other features and changes

  • Dropped support for protocol 2: Psycopg 2.3 can only connect to PostgreSQL servers with version at least 7.4.
  • Don't issue a query at every connection to detect the client encoding and to set the datestyle to ISO if it is already compatible with what expected.
  • mogrify() now supports unicode queries.
  • Subclasses of a type that can be adapted are adapted as the superclass.
  • errorcodes knows a couple of new codes introduced in PostgreSQL 9.0.
  • Dropped deprecated Psycopg "own quoting".
  • Never issue a ROLLBACK on close/GC. This behaviour was introduced as a bug in release 2.2, but trying to send a command while being destroyed has been considered not safe.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed use of PQfreemem instead of free in binary typecaster.
  • Fixed access to freed memory in conn_get_isolation_level().
  • Fixed crash during Decimal adaptation with a few 2.5.x Python versions (ticket #7).
  • Fixed notices order (ticket #9).