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Psycopg at PgDay Europe

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on 2010-10-26
Tagged as pgday, news


I will be at PgDay Europe 2010 in Stuttgart with a talk about Psycopg: Advanced PostgreSQL Access from Python with Psycopg.

The talk will be about some of the most advanced functionalities and new features available in the latest Psycopg releases: asynchronous communication, notifications, server-side cursors, advanced data mapping between Python and PostgreSQL, the upcoming support for two-phase commit and hstore objects.

If you have any suggestion about what you'd like to be shown in the talk, you may leave a feedback.

See you in Stuttgart!

Passing connections to functions using a decorator

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on 2010-10-22
Tagged as recipe

In many script I write, there are functions requiring database operations. Every time I need them, I try to write such code in functions like:

def do_some_job(cnn, arg1, arg2=None):
    cur = cnn.cursor()
    cur.execute(SQL, (arg1, arg2)) # or something else

do_some_job(42, arg2='hi')