Psycopg 2.2.0 released

Posted by Federico Di Gregorio on 2010-05-16
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With many thanks to all the contributors here it is, psycopg 2.2.0:

As always, an excerpt from the NEWS file follows.

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What's new in psycopg 2.2.0

This is the first release of the new 2.2 series, supporting not just one but two different ways of executing asynchronous queries, thanks to Jan and Daniele (with a little help from me and others, but they did 99% of the work so they deserve their names here in the news.)

psycopg now supports both classic select() loops and "green" coroutine libraries. It is all in the documentation, so just point your browser to doc/html/advanced.html.

Other new features

  • truncate() method for lobjects.
  • COPY functions are now a little bit faster.
  • All builtin PostgreSQL to Python typecasters are now available from the psycopg2.extensions module.
  • Notifications from the backend are now available right after the execute() call (before client code needed to call isbusy() to ensure NOTIFY reception.)
  • Better timezone support.
  • Lots of documentation updates.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some gc/refcounting problems.
  • Fixed reference leak in NOTIFY reception.
  • Fixed problem with PostgreSQL not casting string literals to the correct types in some situations: psycopg now add an explicit cast to dates, times and bytea representations.
  • Fixed TimestampFromTicks() and TimeFromTicks() for seconds >= 59.5.
  • Fixed spurious exception raised when calling C typecasters from Python ones.