psycopg release notes

Future releases

Psycopg 3.1 (unreleased)

Current release

Psycopg 3.0.15

  • Fix wrong escaping of unprintable chars in COPY (nonetheless correctly interpreted by PostgreSQL).

  • Restore the connection to usable state after an error in stream().

  • Raise DataError instead of OverflowError loading binary intervals out-of-range.

  • Distribute manylinux2014 wheel packages (ticket #124).

Psycopg 3.0.14

  • Raise DataError dumping arrays of mixed types (ticket #301).

  • Fix handling of incorrect server results, with blank sqlstate (ticket #303).

  • Fix bad Float4 conversion on ppc64le/musllinux (ticket #304).

Psycopg 3.0.13

  • Fix slowness (ticket #286).

  • Fix oid for lists of integers, which might cause the server choosing bad plans (ticket #293).

  • Make Connection.cancel() on a closed connection a no-op instead of an error.

Psycopg 3.0.12

Psycopg 3.0.11

  • Fix DataError loading arrays with dimensions information (ticket #253).

  • Fix hanging during COPY in case of memory error (ticket #255).

  • Fix error propagation from COPY worker thread (mentioned in ticket #255).

Psycopg 3.0.10

  • Leave the connection in working state after interrupting a query with Ctrl-C (ticket #231).

  • Fix Cursor.description after a COPY … TO STDOUT operation (ticket #235).

  • Fix building on FreeBSD and likely other BSD flavours (ticket #241).

Psycopg 3.0.9

  • Set Error.sqlstate when an unknown code is received (ticket #225).

  • Add the tzdata package as a dependency on Windows in order to handle time zones (ticket #223).

Psycopg 3.0.8

  • Decode connection errors in the client_encoding specified in the connection string, if available (ticket #194).

  • Fix possible warnings in objects deletion on interpreter shutdown (ticket #198).

  • Don’t leave connections in ACTIVE state in case of error during COPY … TO STDOUT (ticket #203).

Psycopg 3.0.7

Psycopg 3.0.6

Psycopg 3.0.5

  • Fix possible “Too many open files” OS error, reported on macOS but possible on other platforms too (ticket #158).

  • Don’t clobber exceptions if a transaction block exit with error and rollback fails (ticket #165).

Psycopg 3.0.4

  • Allow to use the module with strict strings comparison (ticket #147).

  • Fix segfault on Python 3.6 running in -W error mode, related to backport.zoneinfo ticket #109.

  • Build binary package with libpq versions not affected by CVE-2021-23222 (ticket #149).

Psycopg 3.0.3

  • Release musllinux binary packages, compatible with Alpine Linux (ticket #141).

  • Reduce size of binary package by stripping debug symbols (ticket #142).

  • Include typing information in the psycopg_binary package.

Psycopg 3.0.2

Psycopg 3.0.1

  • Fix use of the wrong dumper reusing cursors with the same query but different parameter types (ticket #112).

Psycopg 3.0

First stable release. Changed from 3.0b1:

Psycopg 3.0b1

  • First public release on PyPI.